Information for Students

The certificate is open to all students in good standing in their home departments. No special technical skills are required. However, an openness to learning new technologies and respect for the learning of those who have acquired advanced skills in unfamiliar areas is imperative. Ability to work in an intellectually diverse environment is vital. The comfort zone in digital humanities work is very small, and you will be encouraged to get out of yours.

In classes we will balance the learning of skills with an understanding of theories that make sense of digital humanities work. If your skills are primarily technical, you will be encouraged to understand humanistic research and why humanists approach their work as they do. If you are an accomplished humanist, you will be encouraged to explore your aptitude for technical work. DH teams are highly translational. You will be encouraged to learn to translate your ideas into other contexts, so we might all develop better language for what we do.

Interested in Applying?

To apply, you should write a brief (not to exceed one page) statement of why you want to pursue this certificate. Please make sure this statement is intelligible to readers who will come from a variety of backgrounds. Submit this statement of interest along with the Certificate Tracking Record and Advisor Form, which signifies that the student’s home advisor is aware of the student’s intent to pursue the graduate certificate and is in support of that effort.

The form and statement should be emailed to or taken in person to the School of Library and Information Science, 3087 Main Library.

Upon admission to the certificate, the student will be assigned a certificate advisor. This advisor may or may not also be the student’s departmental advisor. The advisor will consult about elective coursework and help the student track progress toward completion of the certificate.