Who are the people who will do the labor in the digital humanities? Where are they coming from? If I have a background in the humanities and an interest in technology, where will I learn the technology?

There are various kinds of labor in the digital humanities, and one main goal of the certificate is to bring together people who have specialty in the technologies and people who have specialty in the humanities to create mutual understanding and respect. We want to encourage a hybrid kind of scholar with knowledge of both a humanities discipline and technologies of digital production.

Every course in the certificate is an applied course with some mix of the digital and the humanities. In the theory and practice course, students will build and create. In the each of the other courses, there are building and creating components. The electives course will build on the type of technology you are interested in using for research.

Can courses be retroactively added to the certificate?

Each student will have to speak with their certificate advisor about which courses can be added to their certificate plan. Previously taken courses can be brought into the certificate plan depending Graduate College rules and how long it was taken before starting the certificate.

What course do I take once I am accepted to the certificate program?

The Theory and Practice course is most general and introductory, but courses do not need to be taken in specific order. Once accepted into the program in fall 2014, students will be given permission to sign up for the theory and practice course for spring in ISIS.

Is the certificate stand-alone or does it have to be part of an advanced degree?

At this point the certificate can only be taken by students who are working towards an advanced degree at The University of Iowa. In the future, it may be available to both degree seeking and non-degree seeking students.

How long will it take to complete the certificate?

The certificate courses will be offered so that you could conceivably complete the requirements in two years. This will vary for each student and will depend on many factors, including your progression in your other degree. It is important for students to plan their courses with their advisors.

If my degree has a regimented sequence, how can I add the certificate courses?

To some extent, this will be dependent on your home department’s structure. Students should work with their advisors in their home departments to determine the best way to take certificate classes.

Can the capstone be completed in conjunction with other courses?

All other coursework in the certificate must be completed before the capstone course can be taken. However, students can begin planning the project that will be completed in their capstone course prior to beginning the course. It is not expected that students will come into the capstone with nothing and complete a project in four months. Students can build off a project that was started for another course or as part of their research. Students can also work with existing research projects to extend those.

Can you take a certificate course before enrolling to determine if you are interested in completing the certificate?

Initially certificate courses are only open to students who have been accepted to the program. After these students have enrolled in the course, any remaining slots will open up to students who are interested in the course but are not in the certificate program. Openings for Theory and Practice of Digital Humanities will be released by December 15th if slots are still available.